Public Library of Hiiu Municipality

Welcome to the homepage of Public Library of Hiiu Municipality. We have libraries in Kärdla, Kõrgessaare, Lauka and Kõpu. The main library is located on the street of Rookopli, on the second floor of Hiiu Municipality Cultural and Leisure Centre. The Public Library of Hiiu Municipality is a county library and operates since 1871. In the children's department there are regularly various events for elementary school children. Youngsters find suitable literature for them in the youth corner. In the reading room visitors can read newspapers and magazines, carry out events and use two computers. Free WiFi connection allows library visitors to use internet in their own laptops or smartphones. The purpose of library is to provide free and unlimited access to the information, knowledge and culture, and to promote lifelong learning and self-improvement.

Kõrgessaare branch library

In 1924 started in one private house educational society called "Success", which was open every Saturday for 3 hours. One ofk6rgessaare the board members Erich Espenberg lent the books. The educational society called "Success" was liquidated in 1944, but in the same year Kõrgessaare library was founded and the first book entry to the general list of the books was made on December 5 in 1944.
Kõrgessaare branch library is located in the old manor of governor house since November 2002. The library has in service three rooms and possibility to use Kõrgessaare youth centre hall. Library has a great tradition making exhibitions of the things that residents collect or have made themselves. Big emphasis is on the handicraft and local history.


Lauka branch library

Lauka branch library is located in the Lauka basic school and shares rooms with school library. In collaboration with school the libarian organizes youth-oriented literary events and hobby groups.


Hiiu Valla Raamatukogu:

13.12. kell 15.00
Klaasikunsti TASUTA töötuba noortele. Lisainfo ja registreerimine siin.

14.12. kell 15.00
Klaasikunsti TASUTA töötuba noortele. Lisainfo ja registreerimine siin.

15.12. kell 11.00
Klaasikunsti TASUTA töötuba noortele. Lisainfo ja registreerimine siin.


"Talvised lood" (laenutusosakonnas)
"Mälestame: Esta Aksli" (laenutusosakonnas)
"Jane Austen" (võõrkeelse kirjanduse osakonnas)
"Karl Ove Knausgård 50" (võõrkeelse kirjanduse osakonnas)
"Herbjørg Wassmo" (võõrkeelse kirjanduse osakonnas)
"Rex Stout" (võõrkeelse kirjanduse osakonnas)
"Jõulud tulnud ju" (lasteosakonnas)

Kõrgessaare haruraamatukogu:

Anne Allikase näitus "Kuivseade pildid". 5.11.-31.12.2018. Vaata plakatit siit.
Kuuseehete näitus "Oh kuusepuu... kui kaunid on su ehted". 10.12.2018-06.01.2019. Näitusel kuuseehted esimese Eesti ajast 90ndateni. (vaata pilti)


"Jõulud kauniks"
"Pühad ja piduroad"

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